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Tattoo Deposit Policy

Deposit policy


Here at The Cheshire Tattoo Studio we have a strict deposit scheme regarding appointments, which has been tried and tested over a great many years. It is as follows:


1. Tattoo 1 hr or under: we secure £40-£60 minimum as deposit, our minimum charge


2. Tattoo over 1 hr: we secure £80-£100 amount as deposit


3. Piercing: we secure £15 as a deposit ​


Our strict structures regarding deposits are there to whittle out hasty and spur of the moment bookings and time wasters.

We run an efficient business with an appointment of 300+ client’s spread over 3 months.

Please help us to ensure each get the time and consideration they deserve.


Refunds: Our refund policy is as follows:


1. During the case of a “no show”, you will lose all of your deposit. The deposit will cover the costs of prep work and time lost.


2. If for any reason your appointed artist (Apprentice, Secondary artist or guest artist) is no longer suddenly available then we can offer a credit note for the deposit to be used at a later date.


3. In the case of a client changing their mind about having a tattoo a credit note or gift voucher will be given. This can be used by any allocated person and has an expiry date of 12 months after issue date. This covers any time lost by the artist on your design .


We do NOT give cash or refund card payments CREDIT NOTE/VOUCHER ONLY

When possible please notify us of the appointment change verbally and then in writing at the next possible chance for our records, we need at least 72 hours notice to change an appointment



Once more we stress that our deposits are there to ensure we eradicate hasty, spur of the moment booking and time wasters. Please do your research into tattoo prices and studios prior to walking through the doors of ours.

Your Cheshire Tattoo Studio team :)

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